Horton Spheroid Water Tower Test

We had such a good response following the Horton Water Tower test on the 3rd of April 2013. Locals took to their camera and posted pictures online and to the local paper who were inundated with calls from the public on the following day.

First tests on the River

One barrel in the River – only 499 to go! Armed with some bin liners, ropes, cable ties and some bottle corks we took the rain barrel to the river for it’s first float in the flow. And guess what, for a first test it was pretty successful. We tested varying levels of water inside … Continue reading

Idea takes shape at Kerry Wood Nature Centre

There was a eureka moment when we came across a white rain barrel. We weren’t short of ideas of how it could be used. It could be stacked, rolled and floated and used to build structures about quantities or data. It was a very versatile object – robust, structurally sound, and most importantly the material would … Continue reading

1st Site Visit – Exploring Red Deer

In June 2012 we took our first trip to Red Deer to look at the feasibility of a River of Light on the river and to research what new concept would shape the next instalment. When we got there, we found a beautiful river, a strong community and lots of rich history. Over a 4 day period … Continue reading

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