Research & Development

Points of View – What is the idea behind for Red deer River of Light We want to generate new perspectives of the River by making people see and look at their River in a different way. By created an immersive and narrative installation on the river and a series of static sculptures we will map out … Continue reading

The Brief – Development of interlocking systems

Working with the barrel as a single module One of the key things for this project is learning about how we can link these barrels together to make stand-alone structures so we’ve been working with student’s at RDC to come up with ideas of how to do this. With their help we will be developing … Continue reading

Development of Sound Barrels

Sound Barrel Development

Exciting developments There is something very mesmerising about watching glowing objects moved along by the flow of the river, but it is a silent journey, accompanied only by the calls of the Kayakers or the cheers of the onlookers. We have been busy trying to develop a sound element for the River of Light and … Continue reading

Exploration of the barrel as structures

River of Light 2013 - Barrel Structures Ideas

Further concepts and idea for creating structures using the rain barrel. Mixing materials and function

Rafts and Bridges

Raft Bridge Concept by Ropes and Poles - Scouts South Africa

We’ve been thinking about how we might use the barrels to build a temporary bridge Creating new pathways to cross the river All sketch-up ideas thanks to Ropes & Poles Blogspot When we first visited Red Deer, we were told of a local wish to build a new pedestrian bridge downstream of the city. With no … Continue reading

Proposed Colour Palette

Developed from the Red Deer Centennial logo artwork we’ve come up with the following colour palette that will be used for the installation.

River of Light: Red Deer Render

The development of the barrel as an Art-e-fact

Back in the studio we’ve been developing a number of ideas that could be used for the rain barrel Interactivity Responsive light barrel that reacts to sound by making each barrel a stand-alone speaker The rain barrel, used as a drum, responding in light depending on  how you hit it or what sound it makes. Rain … Continue reading

Historical Archives: Logging

Courtesy of Stanley R. Howe

A collection of old logging photos from the late 1800’s to the 1960’s You can’t escape Red Deer logging history as there are so many footprints of the past still visible along the river. At Bower Ponds in North Red Deer you can still see one of the Great West Lumber Company millpond and the old … Continue reading

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