River of Light : Points of View

2013 marks the 100th birthday of the city of Red Deer and to celebrate UK based artistic studio, Creatmosphere, have been working with the Red Deer community to create a series of sound and light installations for the Red Deer River.

Due to the recent flooding in the Alberta province events that were planned from 26th June – 1st July have been adjusted, modified and relocated.


26th June – 1st July: Bowers Ponds
30th June: River of Light Event, Red Deer River

28th June – 30th June

8pm – 1am
Fort Normandeau:  Light & Sound Installation 

Following the closure of Bower Ponds after the recent floods, Creatmosphere will be creating a unique light and sound experience for visitors over the coming weekend. Installations planned for across the City will now be reconfigured at this historic Crossing point and home of the first Red Deer settlement.

On the 28th June from 11am, volunteers are welcome to lend a hand to help create what will be an unforgettable experience at this site. Come and find us at the Interpreters Centre, located at the riverside of the building, and we can let you know how to be involved.

PLEASE NOTE: The boat launch at Fort Normandeau will be closed to the public on the 30th of June. Shuttle Buses will operate from 8pm to midnight at Crossroads Church to ease congestions. 

From the 19th June visible from dusk

CPR Bridge: Lighting effect

A light effect will emphasis this significant infrastructure, its strong connection with the River and its historical contribution to the city’s growth.

28th June – 1st July
10.30pm – 04.00am

Horton Water Spheroid
Water Light display on the entire structure

As a symbol of the 1950’s growth and increased  demand for Water, this iconic tower  will be lit to reference how waterways have shaped the heart of the city.

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16th June – 6th July

Kerrywood Centre: RDC student exhibition responded to the River project
Opening times: 10am – 5pm, except 1 July (1pm – 5pm)

Over the last 6 months art students at RDC have been researching the river as part of a project to create ceramic artworks and responded to the idea of rain barrels being transformed into light barrels.  An exhibition at the Kerrywood Centre will give visitors a chance to see the artworks created.

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