Research & Development

Points of View – What is the idea behind for Red deer River of Light

Image of the Red Deer River

We want to generate new perspectives of the River by making people see and look at their River in a different way. By created an immersive and narrative installation on the river and a series of static sculptures we will map out a context that when connected together will leave the viewer with a tracing….

We have now finalised the mapping of the river where we will make interventions (10 km stretch!) now we are investigating the useful data, (there is lots!) and other historical context we want to interpret and integrate in the installation to create a well communicated project that plays on the different creative uses of the barrel as a modular system. those different interventions will aim to create different points of view for the people looking at their river

Ideas and prototyping go from designing and using wireless light barrels floating and programmable sound barrels to reflect on historical archives , data driven projection using mapping technology to reflect on the river statistics and other visual historical archives, lighting up the water infrastructure  using their activity, locations and visibilty as a basis to design the projects, 3 d soundscape in bower pond to create presence during daytime,  creative printing on the barrels as signage projects, an exhibition involving the students responding to the barrel object or  other performance using the barrels assembled as log or raft to reflect on logging  driving history. All together the project reflect on the river and aim to raise awareness  on the endless water and nature cycles and how we can contribute positively to their preservation.


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