Development of Sound Barrels

Exciting developments

There is something very mesmerising about watching glowing objects moved along by the flow of the river, but it is a silent journey, accompanied only by the calls of the Kayakers or the cheers of the onlookers.

We have been busy trying to develop a sound element for the River of Light and its been interesting to try to find methods and solutions to capture and amplify in a river context. It’s certainly a challenge and something we are keen to bring about. Its exciting to think what this orchestra of sounds, currently coined ‘the bells of the river’ will sound like and more importantly what it will add to this meandering waterborne installation.

We have also been thinking of ways to incorporate sound into the barrel sculptures that will be place around the city. We’ve been brainstorming idea around creating amplified water-based instruments – playing with barrels filled up with different levels of water  to allow the  community to interact with each other through the creation of new music.

Sketch up of proposed sound barrels


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