Rafts and Bridges

We’ve been thinking about how we might use the barrels to build a temporary bridge
Creating new pathways to cross the river

All sketch-up ideas thanks to Ropes & Poles Blogspot

When we first visited Red Deer, we were told of a local wish to build a new pedestrian bridge downstream of the city. With no dedicated pedestrian access for cyclists and walkers to cross the river, the city feels cut off from the open spaces on the south side of the river. We thought about how we could realise this vision as part of the project, researching barrel bridge and raft system that could give access to KerryWood Nature Centre and McKenzie Trails. It we could make this happen as part of this project it would be great for two reasons. It will offer brand new viewpoints of the river and for the community of Red Deer, a glimpse into a possible  future.

River of Light 2013 - Render of Light Barrels Bridge on Water & Sturcutures (render credit: Ooopart)


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