First tests on the River

One barrel in the River – only 499 to go!

Laurent Louyer, last seen fishing for rain barrels...

Armed with some bin liners, ropes, cable ties and some bottle corks we took the rain barrel to the river for it’s first float in the flow. And guess what, for a first test it was pretty successful. We tested varying levels of water inside the barrel, using the water to act as a ballast, to test how submerged the barrel needed to in the water to sit in the flow of the water.

It was a bizarre encounter for those that saw, it’s definitely not the most traditional activity seen on the river in Red Deer, lets hope it doesn’t catch on!

Happy with the way the rain barrel faired in the water it was now to the drawing board to design and prototype accessories to turn this domestic rain barrel into a fully functioning River of Light Rain Barrel.


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