Idea takes shape at Kerry Wood Nature Centre

There was a eureka moment when we came across a white rain barrel.

We weren’t short of ideas of how it could be used. It could be stacked, rolled and floated and used to build structures about quantities or data. It was a very versatile object – robust, structurally sound, and most importantly the material would be a fantastic diffuser of light.

We could immediately  see how the barrels could be used to represent volume and mass. Sizeable structures that communicated ideas about how much water an activity takes – visually representing relevant real-time data. We also had thoughts about how you could make furniture with them, to create new social community spaces for families to engage with.

 Barrel structures concepts

Concept and visualisation by Ooopart

Once we returned to London, we briefed Ooopart, a collective we are working with specialise in data analysis and visualisation. See more of the design ideas generated by Ooopart here.


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