The River of Light is a world touring art installation by Creatmosphere that combines floating lights, sound and new technologies to celebrate the rivers of the world through public art.

The River of Light presented by Creatmosphere

Shifting and evolving as it travels to rivers throughout the world, the River of Light has gained local and international recognition through its ability to not only engage communities to participate in the work but also to highlight the importance of river preservation and water conversation on a global scale.

Due to unprecedented flooding in the Alberta Region, the River of Light planned for the 30th June has been cancelled for safety reasons.

Creatmosphere is relocating their multi-media installation to historical Crossing Point of the first Red Deer Settlement at Fort Normandeau for Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th June 2013. 

Experience a unique sound, light and interactive installation that talks about this historic crossing, water preservations and the River from 8pm until 1am.

Please note: To ease congestion, we ask visitors to make use of the shuttle bus services that will be running from Crossroads Church to Fort Normandeau. The shuttle service will be operating from 8pm to midnight.

The Horton Spheriod Water Tower will be switching on as planned from 10.30pm from 28th July to 1st July.

This project has been commissioned by the Central Alberta Historical Society for the Red Deer City Centennial.

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